Thursday, March 24, 2011

Introduction to the Paper Dome blog

Ni Hao! My name is Anna and today I will be your personal guide at the beautiful Paper Dome.
Photo by Bow Chen
There is a place just in the middle of Taiwan where people believe that they can live in harmony with nature. They exchanged noise and bustle of big cities to birds songs and peaceful life. They eat fresh ecologically grown vegetables in stead of fastfood. And they want to share their vision with others.

This placed is called Paper Dome. It is situated in Taomi village near Puli town, Nantou County. It is not just a name, the church built by famous Japanese architect Shigeru Ban is truly made from recycled paper. Not only a masterpiece of modern architecture can you find in Taomi but a unique ecological park, restaurants, leisure areas and eco-friendly places to stay. Situated just on the way to Sun Moon lake Paper Dome is a good place to spend a day or more.

Paper Dome is a very popular destination for Taiwanese and Chinese tourist but almost unknown among western travellers. When I came to this place with an aim to be an English guide at Paper Dome I found that there is nobody to guide. This fact surprised me and put to my head an idea to create a blog where I can tell people about Paper Dome, its history and ideology, events that happen there and other places around Taomi and Puli. Being a foreign intern from far Russia I will also presume to make some notes about Taiwanese culture and every-day life.

Follow me we are going to learn about the history of Paper Dome and New Home foundation…


Thank you for making such generous effort in introducing Paper Dome to travelers. Enjoy your stay in Taiwan!

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