Paper Dome: Symbol of Taiwan-Japan Disaster-Relief Collaboration

Symbol of love and mutual assistance, the story of Paper Dome is one that concerns two natural disasters and transcends beyond national boundaries.

Taomi Village: Agricultural Village Rejuvenated

From a poor village to a famous eco-tourism destination, Taomi is a successful model of turning the 921 crisis into an opportunity for not only community re-building, but also village re-branding.

Calling all Photography Enthusiasts!

Discover Bliss @ Paper Dome Photography Competition is calling for entries! What are you waiting for? Grab your cameras and start shooting!

Summer Wind Music Concert @ Paper Dome

Paper Dome held a major music event on the beautiful Sunday of 10th July 2011. audiences ranging from the young to old where entertained by performers ranging from the young to the young-at-heart.

Natural Dye Class Graduates!

Check this page for other exciting news and events regarding Paper Dome and Taomi Village.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Natural Dye Class Graduates!

As part of being an ecological village, Taomi villagers are also very good at conceptualizing and constructing handicrafts from naturally found materials.

Traditionally, Taiwan has been known for its blue-dye handicrafts. Taomi Villagers have since taken it further by exploring various dye colours using different naturally found ingredients under the guidance of a local artist.

Over the course of 4 months, the participants of the natural dye class have learnt the craft of dyeing anything ranging from scarfs to door curtains. They have transformed from their initial shy homemaker selves, into confident budding artists ready to showcase their newly honed talents. We are pleased to see their evolution and honoured to showcase their masterpieces.

At the end of every chapter is a new beginning.
As this series of lessons have come to an end, we await anxiously for the start of the next (:

Brief Introduction to (Warm) Natural Dye

1. Collect and chop the required plant parts.

2. Boil required amount, add in enhancers if necessary.

3. Design your cloth to be dyed using string and other materials to create the pattern.

4. Soak cloth in softeners to enhance dye effects.

5. Place into boiling hot dye.

6. Dismantle the strings and air the cloth.



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Discover Bliss @ Paper Dome Photography Competition

The long anticipated Discovery Bliss @ Paper Dome Photography Competition is finally here!
Don't worry if you're an amateur, as long as you have a camera, you are all set!
Simple Steps to participate:
  1. Visit Paper Dome and Taomi Village, use your camera to capture people and scenes.
  2. Choose 3-5 of photographs related to the theme "Discover Bliss @ Paper Dome, Taomi Village"
  3. Write a short description summarizing your masterpieces in general (less than 500 words)
  4. Upload your photographs together with the description to Paper Dome's Facebook Fan Page to qualify. You can also choose to post them on your blog, subsequently share your blog link on Paper Dome's Facebook Fan Page.
  5. Limited to one entry per participant.
  6. Deadline: 4th Sept 2011
  7. For more information, check out the Paper Dome's Facebook Fan Page or send a facebook message to Paper Dome.

Attractive prizes to be won!
What are you waiting for?
Grab your camera and start taking photographs now!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Community Art Program for Senior Citizens

As part of community involvement, the New Homeland Foundation organizes art lessons for the community.

The difference is, participants are all senior citizens! Grandmothers and great grandmothers alike, they enjoy painting lessons, guided by a teacher. Though many of them used to be farmers, who are used to holding spades rather than holding paint brushes, you will be surprised, many of them have gone from novices to artists qualified to hold art exhibitions! (Paper Dome holds an exhibition to showcase their work regularly)

Whether you want to view them or even better, join them, feel free to drop by every Wednesday morning at the Experimental Kitchen, 3 min walk from Paper Dome back gate.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Music Concert Series @ Paper Dome

Paper Dome saw a bustle of musical activities this weekend,
all of them leaving the crowd very entertained (:

On Saturday, we cheered to the energetic dance brought to us by young Tap-Dancers from Tao Yuan Elementary school performing with their principal,
and even included a short performance by the Mummies! :D

While on the beautiful Sunday of 10 July,
music-lovers gather for the assemble of talented musicians from Puli:

Family Band - yes music is truly in their genes!
the daughter has even managed to be selected for a prestigious music school which only takes in 6 students majoring in GuZheng per year!

Tao Yuan Elementary School Wind Pipe Ensemble
if you found some of the kids familiar, yes some of them performed tap-dance on Saturday as well! This is because Tao Yuan is a very small school with only 40+ students, many of their students have multi-membership in different student clubs.

sparks flew when the wooden portable drum meets the wooden classical guitar
even the little boy couldn't help swaying to the beat!

Violin Prodigy - ever since the age of 2, her life has been intertwined with the strings of the violin.

to summarise, it was a beautiful Sunday spent with our beautiful host :))

do look out for more exciting performances in August!
check the Paper Dome website for more details

Saturday, July 9, 2011

10 July - Music Concert @ Paper Dome

Paper Dome is hosting a music concert on the 10th of July!
Performances ranges from jazz pieces and flute melodies to guitar tunes and drum beats.

We also welcome you to join us in the lotus seeds plucking activity happening twice in the day: 10am and 3pm, where for TW$100, you can pluck as many fresh lotus seeds as you want to bring home!

On top of that, there will also be an art exhibition from 10am - 9pm, where it will be a showcase of local artists' talents.

Do join us at Paper Dome for a day of fun and enjoyment on this beautiful Sunday morning! :D

Monday, June 27, 2011

Unprecedented Heavy Rainfall

The recent large amount of precipitation has caused water to gush from the mountains to the Taomi river. Ecosystem has been largely affected as fishes and other small animal suffer the fate of being washed downstream as well. Natural elements are yet another hurdle for the Taomi villagers to overcome in maintaining their beloved hometown as an Eco-Village.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Must Play (at our Parks)

Qin-Shui Water Park

On a hot summer afternoon, Xin-Shui Water Park is the best place for Daddies and Mummies to bring the whole family for a few hours of fun and enjoyment! Puli boasts its spring water (Puli supplies half of Taiwan's bottled mineral water!), that is not only very clean but also full of nutrients! The best thing is, not only does the Water Park has water sprouts in different shapes and sizes, it is also free of charge! A B&B located right behind the Water Park also retails small food items such as Popcorn and Ice-Pops!

Cao Lan Wetlands

Other than learning about the ecology, Cao Lan Wetlands is also a great place for fun and amusement! Taomi Villagers have very thoughtfully created a mini 'flying-fox' the glides across one portion of the wetlands. It's very safe, and very fun - a definite MUST-TRY in Taomi (:

Tao Yuan Elementary School

Did you know: Tao Yuan Elementary School is constructed by community efforts after the 921 earthquake and has only 60+ students enrolled.

Thus, its students enjoy the full range of facilities located within the school, including table tennis tables, indoor soccer court, and inline skates for each of the 60+ students!

Also, the schools has a big playground that is open for all to enjoy, the young and the young-at-heart alike (:

Must Learn (our ecology and culture)

Taomi Stream / Wetlands

On the 2 sides of the Taomi Stream, are wetlands in which many fauna inhabit. Bring your camera to take photos of dragonflies resting on the water surface in the morning, and put on your night vision goggles to watch frogs in the dark!

Fishing is forbidden in Taomi Stream until 2013
so as to enable the ecosystem to be restored to its formal glory.

Tao Yuan Elementary School

Tao Yuan Elementary School is the only elementary school in Taomi Village and is built by community efforts after the 921 earthquake. It has a wide range of facilities including table tennis tables, indoor soccer court, and inline skates for each of the 60+ students!

Did you know: Among all the elementary schools in Taiwan, Tao Yuan Elementary School plants the tallest trees? Their school field is actually and ecological garden, go in for a walk and see how many types of trees you can identify! [Don't worry, answers are provided on the notice board at the entrance!]

follow the path at your own pace

you'll discover many interesting things

with information boards to help you along the way

also, take some time to appreciate the school's architecture

and find time to play! :D

Heart of Taomi - Paper Dome

After the 921 earthquake, Taomi Villagers sought the expertise of New Homeland Foundation in rebuilding their hometown. In a multi-prong collaboration between governmental, communal, and academic institutions, Taomi gradually evolved from a disaster-wracked village, to an exciting eco-village with vibrant community life. Paper Dome, a new addition to the village after its rejuvenation, marked the village's new identity and symbolized its transformation.

Even before being moved to Taiwan, Paper Dome has a history of its own. It was first built by architect Shigeru Ban in 1995 after the Kobe earthquake in Japan. It served not only as a temporary church and place of communal gatherings, but even more importantly, as the unifying symbol of Kobe, significant in uniting the strength and hopes of the survivors as well as blessings from their loved ones.

Paper Dome was transported to Taiwan on the 10th anniversary of the Kobe earthquake, to Taomi Village which was recovering from the 921 earthquake in Taiwan. Since its opening in 2008, the Paper Dome has drawn thousands of visitors to admire its beauty and be inspired by its meaningful history. New Homeland Foundation has successfully integrated sight-seeing together with learning, and also welcomes study groups to visit the Paper Dome Experimental Learning Park.

Cao Lan Wetlands

The biggest wetland in Taomi, Cao Lan Wetlands is also the richest in ecological resources. Covering an area of 4 hectares, the wetlands boasts a wide range of frogs and dragonflies, where i the day, anyone with a camera can easily spot and capture photos of 6-7 different species of dragonflies and at night, it's the same with frogs..

Cao Lan Wetlands is also the ideal breeding ground for fireflies. From late April to May, we will be able to spot thousands of fireflies emerging from the bushes, active in their mating season. The view has been said to resemble the stars in the night sky, simply mesmerizing!

Besides frogs and dragonflies, you will also see other creatures such as this fella over here!
They are a protected species so be careful not to hurt them!

If you're afraid that you may not be able to fully appreciate the wonders of nature on your own, do engage our friendly neighbourhood eco-guides! (:

Must Sleep (at our B&Bs)

Catching fireflies, frog-watching, night view …Who isn’t spoilt for choice when it comes to Taomi’s night activities?

Yet, if these activities are the bulk of your dream holiday, think again.

With over 20 Bread&Breakfasts to choose from, be sure to up that memorable experience at your ideal lodging too. Specially selected for their distinctiveness, these accommodations will help you bridge that gap between your dream and the reality.

Red Brick House

Contact: +886 049-2913966

Red Brick House is a courtyard house built in the 1960s. Constructed using bricks transported along the stone-paved road, it is now refurbished as a B&B. Its strategic position at the top of the mountain is complemented by the surrounding greenery, a picturesque village for the nature-lovers out there. Be it the old or the young, its minimalist-styled rooms add that finishing touch to your great weekend getaway!

Green House

Contact: +886 049-2916829

The Green House is unique for its clever integration of nature with leisure and lifestyle. When it comes to a passion for nature, nothing speaks louder than the in-house frog pond. Be sure to join the frog-watching tours at night, where you can observe these four-legged creatures up close in their natural habitat. And, if you can’t get enough of frog-viewing, the dainty frog-inspired ornaments around your lodging will take care of that.

Qin-Shui B&B

Contact: +886 049-2914241

After the 921 Earthquake, Hong Kong donated a row of assembled houses for the earthquake victims. These assembled houses held many memories for the Taomi villagers that they have not only preserved them, but also converted them into a B&B! Located near the Qin-Shui Water Park, it is a favorite among families with kids as the admission to the park is free!

Cao Lan Wetlands Farm

Contact: +886 049-2915455


Boasting lush greenery, Cao Lan Wetlands is THE place for eco-tourists and casual travelers alike. Besides the close interaction with nature, this B&B offers a souvenir shop that features the handicrafts of Taomi Villagers! Learn more about the Taomi Culture while savouring a good meal prepared only with the freshest ingredients!

Must Eat (at our restaurants/cafes)

Toami houses a range of restaurants and here we've highlighted a few:

Loving Hut Restaurant

Delicious food made from the freshest naturally planted ingredients
- Within Paper Dome

Little Green House Restaurant

- Located in Taomi Village, 2 min walk from Paper Dome

Tujiaocuo Pond Restaurant

Scrumptious Hakka Cuisine

- Located in Taomi Village, 5 min walk from Paper Dome

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