Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Visitors’ Information

Operating Hours

Sun - FriSat & Public Holidays

*Closed on the first Wednesday of every month (with the exception of Public Holidays).

Ticketing Information

Ticket Price**NTD$100,
Concession Price NTD$50*
Tickets can be used as coupons to offset purchases inside Paper Dome
Retail Stores
within Paper Dome
Paper Store, Mahaapet Cafe, Loving Hut Restaurant
Method of OffsetTickets can be combined to offset payment, except in the Loving Hut Restaurant

*Concession Price applies to:

1. Senior Citizens above 65 years old (please produce validation)
2. Student (please produce validation)
3. Pre-school children between 4-6 years old
4. Groups with > 30 people: to call at least 3 days in advance
5. Residents of Puli (please produce validation)

** Ticket not required for:
1. < 4 years old
2. Residents of Taomi Village (please produce validation)
3. Certain Handicapped Individuals: to call 1 week in advance
4. Field Study Trips for Schools in Puli

Other Information
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited within the premises of Paper Dome
  • Littering, plucking of vegetation, fishing, butterfly/ frog/ dragonfly catching and other related activities are strictly prohibited

for directions to Taomi Village click HERE
Thank you for your kind cooperation.
See you at the Paper Dome! :)


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