Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Music Appreciation

as an advocate of the local arts scene,
Paper Dome invites local musicians to showcase their craft every weekend afternoon.

Saturday Afternoons

from 2pm-4pm,
we have the Lee Brothers,
who are talented guitar instructors,
to bring you you many melodious guitar tunes.


we have Pisuy Poro,
a Taiwanese with aboriginal roots,
(her father is from the Tai-Ya Tribe)
gifted with a beautiful voice and a big heart.



check out her music HERE on her personal youtube channel

Sunday Afternoon

every odd Sunday of the month,
enjoy melodious tunes from these two artists,
as sparks fly when the wooden beat drum meets the classical wood guitar.


Pisuy is my favorite there! may be paperdome can upload one of her songs here?;)

We are in the midst of updating our website! We will be uploading videos in time to come, please keep checking back for new updates! Thank you for your support! :D

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