Tuesday, June 21, 2011


what exactly is an ecological village or eco-village?

after reading so much about Taomi being an eco-village, that may be the exact question running in your head.

well, the easiest way to remember will be that the people of an eco-village display 3 forms of kindness,
they are:
  • kind to the land
  • kind to the plants
  • kind to the animals

The people of Taomi village believe that
If the Earth is an organism, then plants are the skin.
Plants are the surface of the earth, they protect the Earth's minerals from being eroded away by weather elements.

They drink Red Tea rather than Green Tea - because pesticides are used in Green Tea leaves' planting process!

Though there is a lack of a proper sewage system in Taomi (like there are in many rural villages all over the world), the villagers actually handle their waste management very well. They sort out their trash into bio-degradable and non-bio-degradable, recycling whatever they can recylce, even to the extent of the cup noodle container! A few of the B&Bs even have their own waste treatment ponds like the one below:

waste treatment pond at Green House B&B

They don't plant many foreign trees,
as they are aware that its fruits will not be eaten by Taiwan birds, and its leaves will not be eaten by Taiwan insects, it generally does not contribute to the balance of the ecosystem.

All these practices are only cultivated after the 921 earthquake, after the village decided to re-brand itself as an Eco-Village. They have laboured diligently at creating their new identity: learning about environmental conservation, constructing wetlands, adapting to their new lifestyle.

Their hard work has paid off as we can see the fruits of their labour - the rich ecosystem that is the model of Taiwan eco-tourism.

more about flora & fauna HERE

more about their wetlands HERE

However, as natural as the wetlands are, the villagers have to work hard to maintain its glory. Weather elements are unpredictable, in a sense, large amount of precipitation like this one:

can result in their efforts going to naught. (read more HERE) That is why cultivating an Eco-Village is a constant battle, trying to fend for livelihood and co-exist in harmony with nature has never been easy.

Nonetheless, the villagers are steadfast in their belief and constantly working hard at spreading their philosophy. You have to come here and experience for yourself their passion, and personally admire their strength and determination.

If you are afraid that you may not be able to appreciate the beauty of Taomi Eco-Village on your own, or just want a more detailed explanation, Taomi has 30+ certified eco-tourguides at your service. They will bring you to the areas such as the Cao Lan Wetlands and other interesting areas that you may not be able to fully comprehend on your own. Please contact Paper Dome for more details.

one of our experienced eco-tourguides

fun at Cao Lan Wetlands!


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