Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Taomi Village has cultivated several wetlands since the inception of the Taomi Eco-Village concept. Among them, Cao Lan Wetlands has been developed as more than wetlands, but also, as a place for learning for visitors

Cao Lan Wetlands spans over a wide area of natural vegetation. This picture was taken when during a period of low rain fall. But after 5 -6 hours of rain, this area will transform into a breeding ground for dragonflies and many other organisms.

In an effort to make the wetlands more attractive to tourists, the villagers have constructed several structures like the two bridges below, as well as the mini flying-fox, for the enjoyment of visitors. In the hopes that through fun and excitement, visitors will be more likely to appreciate the surrounding environment and bring home the message of co-existing with nature.

as a result, Cao Lan Wetlands is a favourite place among teachers for class excursions.

Besides enjoying dragonflies during the day, you will also be able to go frog-watching at night. During the mating season between late April to May, you will also be able to see a multitude of FIREFLIES lighting up the night sky. The eco-guide will even tell you that the night view will be as if you're standing on top of Taipei 101, looking down at all the lit buildings below. As for how true is it, you'll have to come and judge it personally.

If you stay till late and need a place to rest for the night, they have 20+ awesome B&Bs that cater for a range of visitors and surely you can find one that suits your needs.

Fun Fact: Fireflies have a lifespan of 2 -20 days.
Males will die within 2 days after they mate.

Taomi caters for visitors ranging from the expert environmentalist to the curious tourist.
Contact Paper Dome if you're interested for a guided tour of the Taomi Hinterland.


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