Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Must Sleep (at our B&Bs)

Catching fireflies, frog-watching, night view …Who isn’t spoilt for choice when it comes to Taomi’s night activities?

Yet, if these activities are the bulk of your dream holiday, think again.

With over 20 Bread&Breakfasts to choose from, be sure to up that memorable experience at your ideal lodging too. Specially selected for their distinctiveness, these accommodations will help you bridge that gap between your dream and the reality.

Red Brick House

Contact: +886 049-2913966

Red Brick House is a courtyard house built in the 1960s. Constructed using bricks transported along the stone-paved road, it is now refurbished as a B&B. Its strategic position at the top of the mountain is complemented by the surrounding greenery, a picturesque village for the nature-lovers out there. Be it the old or the young, its minimalist-styled rooms add that finishing touch to your great weekend getaway!

Green House

Contact: +886 049-2916829

The Green House is unique for its clever integration of nature with leisure and lifestyle. When it comes to a passion for nature, nothing speaks louder than the in-house frog pond. Be sure to join the frog-watching tours at night, where you can observe these four-legged creatures up close in their natural habitat. And, if you can’t get enough of frog-viewing, the dainty frog-inspired ornaments around your lodging will take care of that.

Qin-Shui B&B

Contact: +886 049-2914241

After the 921 Earthquake, Hong Kong donated a row of assembled houses for the earthquake victims. These assembled houses held many memories for the Taomi villagers that they have not only preserved them, but also converted them into a B&B! Located near the Qin-Shui Water Park, it is a favorite among families with kids as the admission to the park is free!

Cao Lan Wetlands Farm

Contact: +886 049-2915455


Boasting lush greenery, Cao Lan Wetlands is THE place for eco-tourists and casual travelers alike. Besides the close interaction with nature, this B&B offers a souvenir shop that features the handicrafts of Taomi Villagers! Learn more about the Taomi Culture while savouring a good meal prepared only with the freshest ingredients!


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