Monday, June 20, 2011


Paper Dome

read about its significance here

Light of Love and Mutual Assistance

Symbolizes the bi-lateral disaster-relief and community re-development collaboration between Taiwan and Japan. If you look closely, you two humans with their arms outstretched, holding hands just like how the two countries will lend a helping hand when the other is in need.

Ding Fang Pond

Surrounded by fragrant flowers and its surface covered by water lilies, Ding Fang Pond is a cultivated eco-habitat pond that is home to many species of dragonflies and frogs.

Bell of Peace

Ring the Bell of Peace for your loved ones, no matter where they are in the world.

Boat of Reminiscence

This boat in the shape of Farmosa carries memories of the 921 earthquake, as well as the sorrow of the Taiwanese people. Visitors are able to stand on top of the boat and experience a miniature earthquake - caused by springs and iron rods installed underneath the structure that will shake and quiver. The iron rods used in this particular art piece carry special significance as they are collected from debris after the 921 earthquake.

Loving Hut

Overlooking the lotus pond is the Loving Hut, which looks especially beautiful when the lotuses blossom during the summer June-August period. Like a good friend, the hut is full of warmth and coziness and is a good place for gatherings with friends and family alike.

Whether it's a scrumptious lunch or a romantic dinner, the Loving Hut Restaurant serves dishes made from locally produced ingredients that are naturally farmed without the use of pesticides. The restaurant offers a notably popular choice of al fresco dining beside the lotus pond, where diners can enjoy a view of the starry Taiwan night sky.

fresh lotus seeds!

Loving Hut Souvenir Shop retails local produce from Nantou County. An advocate of the local arts scene, the shop boasts books and songs by local artists and musicians. Events and performances by these artists and musicians are also a frequent treat at Paper Dome, especially during weekends.

All purchases made can be discounted using your entrance ticket as coupons.

Paper Store

The paper store serves to showcase and retail hand-crafted products made by Taomi villagers. Paper has a special significance to Puli Township, where Taomi Village is located within. It is known to be a place where paper factories congregate. In fact, the Paper Dome is constructed out of paper, and the protective outer covering you see on the pillars of Paper Dome were made in Puli after the Paper Dome arrived in Taiwan. From bags to hats, stationary to curtains, make sure you stop by to check out the diverse range of paper-made products over at the Paper Store.

Mosaic Wall

In retrospect of the community re-building process after the 921 earthquake, the New Homeland Foundation invited its partner NGOs to contribute paintings made up of mosaic tiles, with the new Taomi identity represented by the frog. Behind each mosaic painting is a story of tragedy and more importantly, recovery after the disaster struck.

C Steel Pavilion

The C Steel Pavilion, juxtaposed beside the Paper Dome, can be likened to a conversation between the hardy and the gentle. Before you lay your eyes upon the Paper Dome, it is hard to imagine how paper, soft and delicate as it is, can be used to create sturdy structures. Conversely, it is hard for many Taiwanese to visualize how the hard steel bars commonly used to construct Taiwanese houses in the previous decades can be flexible enough to form curves such as those present within the C Steel Pavilion.


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