Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Must Learn (our ecology and culture)

Taomi Stream / Wetlands

On the 2 sides of the Taomi Stream, are wetlands in which many fauna inhabit. Bring your camera to take photos of dragonflies resting on the water surface in the morning, and put on your night vision goggles to watch frogs in the dark!

Fishing is forbidden in Taomi Stream until 2013
so as to enable the ecosystem to be restored to its formal glory.

Tao Yuan Elementary School

Tao Yuan Elementary School is the only elementary school in Taomi Village and is built by community efforts after the 921 earthquake. It has a wide range of facilities including table tennis tables, indoor soccer court, and inline skates for each of the 60+ students!

Did you know: Among all the elementary schools in Taiwan, Tao Yuan Elementary School plants the tallest trees? Their school field is actually and ecological garden, go in for a walk and see how many types of trees you can identify! [Don't worry, answers are provided on the notice board at the entrance!]

follow the path at your own pace

you'll discover many interesting things

with information boards to help you along the way

also, take some time to appreciate the school's architecture

and find time to play! :D

Heart of Taomi - Paper Dome

After the 921 earthquake, Taomi Villagers sought the expertise of New Homeland Foundation in rebuilding their hometown. In a multi-prong collaboration between governmental, communal, and academic institutions, Taomi gradually evolved from a disaster-wracked village, to an exciting eco-village with vibrant community life. Paper Dome, a new addition to the village after its rejuvenation, marked the village's new identity and symbolized its transformation.

Even before being moved to Taiwan, Paper Dome has a history of its own. It was first built by architect Shigeru Ban in 1995 after the Kobe earthquake in Japan. It served not only as a temporary church and place of communal gatherings, but even more importantly, as the unifying symbol of Kobe, significant in uniting the strength and hopes of the survivors as well as blessings from their loved ones.

Paper Dome was transported to Taiwan on the 10th anniversary of the Kobe earthquake, to Taomi Village which was recovering from the 921 earthquake in Taiwan. Since its opening in 2008, the Paper Dome has drawn thousands of visitors to admire its beauty and be inspired by its meaningful history. New Homeland Foundation has successfully integrated sight-seeing together with learning, and also welcomes study groups to visit the Paper Dome Experimental Learning Park.

Cao Lan Wetlands

The biggest wetland in Taomi, Cao Lan Wetlands is also the richest in ecological resources. Covering an area of 4 hectares, the wetlands boasts a wide range of frogs and dragonflies, where i the day, anyone with a camera can easily spot and capture photos of 6-7 different species of dragonflies and at night, it's the same with frogs..

Cao Lan Wetlands is also the ideal breeding ground for fireflies. From late April to May, we will be able to spot thousands of fireflies emerging from the bushes, active in their mating season. The view has been said to resemble the stars in the night sky, simply mesmerizing!

Besides frogs and dragonflies, you will also see other creatures such as this fella over here!
They are a protected species so be careful not to hurt them!

If you're afraid that you may not be able to fully appreciate the wonders of nature on your own, do engage our friendly neighbourhood eco-guides! (:


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