Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Must Play (at our Parks)

Qin-Shui Water Park

On a hot summer afternoon, Xin-Shui Water Park is the best place for Daddies and Mummies to bring the whole family for a few hours of fun and enjoyment! Puli boasts its spring water (Puli supplies half of Taiwan's bottled mineral water!), that is not only very clean but also full of nutrients! The best thing is, not only does the Water Park has water sprouts in different shapes and sizes, it is also free of charge! A B&B located right behind the Water Park also retails small food items such as Popcorn and Ice-Pops!

Cao Lan Wetlands

Other than learning about the ecology, Cao Lan Wetlands is also a great place for fun and amusement! Taomi Villagers have very thoughtfully created a mini 'flying-fox' the glides across one portion of the wetlands. It's very safe, and very fun - a definite MUST-TRY in Taomi (:

Tao Yuan Elementary School

Did you know: Tao Yuan Elementary School is constructed by community efforts after the 921 earthquake and has only 60+ students enrolled.

Thus, its students enjoy the full range of facilities located within the school, including table tennis tables, indoor soccer court, and inline skates for each of the 60+ students!

Also, the schools has a big playground that is open for all to enjoy, the young and the young-at-heart alike (:


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