Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Music Concert Series @ Paper Dome

Paper Dome saw a bustle of musical activities this weekend,
all of them leaving the crowd very entertained (:

On Saturday, we cheered to the energetic dance brought to us by young Tap-Dancers from Tao Yuan Elementary school performing with their principal,
and even included a short performance by the Mummies! :D

While on the beautiful Sunday of 10 July,
music-lovers gather for the assemble of talented musicians from Puli:

Family Band - yes music is truly in their genes!
the daughter has even managed to be selected for a prestigious music school which only takes in 6 students majoring in GuZheng per year!

Tao Yuan Elementary School Wind Pipe Ensemble
if you found some of the kids familiar, yes some of them performed tap-dance on Saturday as well! This is because Tao Yuan is a very small school with only 40+ students, many of their students have multi-membership in different student clubs.

sparks flew when the wooden portable drum meets the wooden classical guitar
even the little boy couldn't help swaying to the beat!

Violin Prodigy - ever since the age of 2, her life has been intertwined with the strings of the violin.

to summarise, it was a beautiful Sunday spent with our beautiful host :))

do look out for more exciting performances in August!
check the Paper Dome website for more details


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